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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Our marvelous company is highly experienced with garage door openers and delivers flawless opener installation and repair

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We are aces in all garage door spring repair services and move fast

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

Our company guarantees thorough residential electric garage door maintenance service by expert and dedicated technicians.

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Garage Door Repair Des Moines

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Welcome to our company Garage Door Repair Des Moines

The 24/7 services of garage door repair will ensure your garage system is in perfect condition at all times. We work with the best technicians in Washington, are properly and fully equipped and respond fast to residential and commercial garage door emergencies.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: 10th Ave S
Des Moines, Washington
Zip code: 98198
Phone: 206-319-9292

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
24 hour service. Expert on wood, metal and glass garage doors.

The professionalism of every team of “Garage Door Repair Des Moines” is hidden in the little details. Their proficiency is evident in every service. We're proud to say that our customer service is exceptional, our response time the fastest in Washington, and our excellence as expert garage door repair specialists is beyond compare. In a fast changing world, the same rapid evolution is expected from us, too. We satisfy every demand of our customers and manage to solve their problems with respect to their timeframe and requests. Our 24 hour emergency crews are fast and perfectly capable.

Garage Door Repair Des Moines

Our company started off dynamically and has made great progress over the years. Nothing stays the same forever and we are called to follow the traces of modernity in order to give clever solutions to our clients. Technologies great leaps have made a huge impact in our industry as well. The world is not the same as it was twenty years ago. The demands of societies are changing and so the lives of people. We don't remain indifferent and distant from these fascinating changes but participate with all our power in order to grow even stronger and more efficient. Have you noticed the developments in the garage door industry?Garage Door Repair Des Moines, WA

* Today there's great abundance in materials. Once wood and steel prevailed but today our customers can have glass garage doors, too. Changes in global climate urged manufacturers to produce garage doors and parts of stronger materials. Over the years we all discovered that wood warps due to moisture and today wood doors are varnished with special coatings for protection. When hurricanes became a frequent natural phenomenon for many regions, manufacturers started producing garage door parts of low gauge steel for higher strength. They put braces behind the door for greater resistance and we reinforce garage doors with multiple brackets. Composite materials became the answer for those seeking environmentally friendly solutions for their garage door.

* Galvanized steel was tested in some parts. Zinc coated tracks and rollers became a must for high moisture areas but galvanized garage door springs did not steal the hearts of consumers since they needed maintenance more often.

* Nylon garage door rollers became the solution against noisy wheels for many homeowners but due to their sensitivity, they're excellent only for light use applications. Manufacturers came up with the solution of putting many ball bearings in rollers in order to eliminate the loud noise of steel rubbing against steel.The biggest surprise came from the garage door opener systems. The effects of technology on electric garage systems are amazing.

* The most important accomplishment was the introduction of the rolling code system to the electric garage application. This was the perfect way to ensure people's secure access to the garage without fearing that someone could copy the codes used among the transmitter and the receiver. This was the weakness of the fixed codes and now it belongs to the past.

* Of course, today there's abundance in opener models with motors of different horse powers in order to serve the needs of garage doors of different weights.

* One of the few weaknesses of the very first electric operators was the lack of safety sensors. This was immediately corrected and today all modern openers are approved by official laboratories and listed as products, which integrate the necessary sensors. With safety beams detecting persons or objects under the closing door and the reversing mechanism, overhead garage doors have become safe.

* The new remote controls can serve the requirements of one single opener or of several ones. They can be tiny in size and fit in the car. The Closed Confirm remote by Genie will even notify you if you forgot to close the door on your way out.

* The new keypads are smart, just need a four digit password, you can program temporary codes and you can change them easily.

Our Garage Door Repair company cannot keep away from such grand changes in our field

It is actually our obligation to follow the path of progress ourselves and remain familiar with every new development. How else will we be able to assist you properly? When our customers seek information about the new internet gateway by Liftmaster, we ought to be able to tell them that it requires MyQ technology installation, controls the door opener and the lights from any part of the world as long as there is a laptop or smartphone, which connects with internet. We're not considered top Liftmaster and Genie repair masters for nothing. We have deep knowledge of every new product the big opener manufacturers produce and the chance to study them well before we provide our services.

Good training is required for every service. We follow special procedures for each one depending on their needs. Depending on use, application, location and various external conditions, each garage system demands different repairs but they all require annual maintenance. All parts of any garage system are necessary components of the whole mechanism and must be serviced properly. The good news is that we have the knowhow to fix their problems regardless if you have an overhead door, roll up or swing hung. 

Annual services make a difference to the daily performance of your garage door. We have the ability to prevent problems from ever taking place. We focus on the needs of each component and accordingly we lubricate, tighten and adjust them. Although the pattern of preventive services is similar, we never fail to see the distinctions of each garage door. Their weaknesses, recent changes of any part, number of daily cycles and application will guide our way. Of course, we never miss to check every little part of the electrical and mechanical system and make the necessary repairs or adjustments.

*  We start by inspecting the entire system and process with each part separately

*  We troubleshoot each part focusing on specific problems and testing the dynamic and efficiency of every one of them

*  We pay special attention to the condition of the springs, opener motor, and sensors

*  We check thoroughly the tracks and look out for dents, which could obstruct the movement of the rollers

*  We make sure all parts are tightened properly and replace the rusty ones or those which are totally worn

* We test the beams, check the balance of the door, and make sure it opens and closes all the way and without obstructions

*  We lubricate the mechanical parts, ensure the movement of the door, and that the opener chain is clean and in place

*  We check the backup battery, the opener lamps, the clicker and the cables

*  We adjust the springs and make sure the tracks are aligned

A closer look at the professionals of our Garage Door Repair company  will give you an idea of whether your garage door can be trusted or not. With our service, you can hope for the best. Our service never ends without the required garage door repairs, which ensure that current or even older problems are solved properly. The greatest thing with our teams is their determination to fix things properly. We want to see that your garage door works like new without making loud noises. When you rely on our professional hands, the work is done properly. Problems, which have made your life difficult in the past, will now be gone.

We understand that garage doors never stop demanding repairs. Despite our great efforts to fix the tiniest problem, a strong wind might damage the panel or break the springs. For this reason, we suggest:

* Installation of safety cables for your extension garage door springs. Even if the springs break, the safety cable will keep them from flying in the garage

* Regular testing of the sensors. It will give you confidence that the reverse system will work in case of an emergency

* Frequent maintenance of the whole system. When parts are maintained, it's rather rare to find them broken unless something major happened

* Proper choice of repair parts. Trust our company to find the perfect match for your ruined springs, cables or tracks. It's vital to remember that all components must be selected in accordance with the weight of the door and must be of high quality materials. This is one of the reasons why we trust the biggest manufacturers for ordering your products

* Keep our phone number handy. Our emergency teams never take long thanks to their professionalism and exceptional preparation

The best thing when dealing with good professionals like our teams is that you can be sure that the job will be done properly. Taking chances with your safety, the security of your house, and your expensive investment would be amateur. We're confident about the results of our work because we have chosen our teams carefully, invest in our training, and have years of experience. Everything we do, we do it well! When we undertake obligations, we carry them through with efficiency and passion. Nothing surpasses our competence, capacity, and knowledge!

Our services meet your demands since they follow your needs. When we're called for repairs, we check the problem and find its origin.

* Why is the door noisy? Is it due to worn rollers? Are the tracks damaged or are there elements and debris blocking the way of the wheels? Do parts need lubrication or tightening? We find the real suspect and follow the right procedures for the repair.

* Why doesn't the overhead door close properly? Do we have to adjust the limit switch in the opener or check the reverse system? Is the vertical track dented at its lowest part keeping the roller from moving or are the springs damaged?

Every problem might have several possible solutions depending of its origins. These things shouldn't worry you since our expertise allows us to have all the answers to your questions. By troubleshooting the components, we can easily come up with the solutions and make sure the problem is fixed correctly. The experience of our technicians guarantees efficient work. You can trust that we show great dedication and zeal for all services. Accuracy is actually demanded in garage door services. The door must be installed properly in order to move right. Windows must be replaced with precision and attention so that they'll keep drafts out. Adjustments must be done with the use of the right tools so that the door will be balanced and move properly.

Do you need garage door track adjustment today?

Rely on our service of accomplished and remarkable technicians. We know that tracks cannot be too close to the garage door, neither too far. They ought to have a precise position in accordance with the characteristics of the door so that it will move up and down properly, or the panel might bind or collapse.

We never fail to give attention to details. This makes the difference between a stable and non-stable garage system. The smallest mistake could lead to tragedies and that's why we always discourage our customers from do-it-yourself tasks. We're responsible and experienced professionals and have the skills to do the job right. There's nothing our Garage Door Repair company cannot do and there's nothing keeping us from providing services at the right time. Our 24 hour technicians will never fail you, service is done with adequacy, and our mind is always set on you!

The Torsion Spring Balance

People often talk about their overhead door being out of balance, but it is important to learn what the nature of this problem is in greater detail. The component responsible for balancing the door is the torsion spring. It is mounted on the shaft above the unit and wound to have an amount of force corresponding to the weight of the door. In this way, the unit actually stays in place securely. The door can lose balance when the spring is loaded with too much or too little force. When there is too much force, it will be difficult to keep the unit closed. When the opposite is true, the unit will go up more slowly. If you notice any of these issues, let us run full inspection and adjust the spring mechanism properly. We work with both galvanized and oil tempered components regardless of their design and size.

Play this video to discover the merits of our company and of our excellent garage door repair technical teams. Find out more about our services

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